Friday, May 25, 2012

Gerry #McCann : Horoscope.


Like his wife Gerry McCann also has a Yod, only this time a boomerang one with Ceres at the reaction point!

Ceres happens to be on the luckiest pair of stars out, Spica & Arcturus. 

I have seen Arcturus in the charts of men seem to get away with all sorts of misdemeanors.

The type that get away with wife-battering because they are such ”Nice guys” to the police. Ceres here could also make him somewhat a Jackal and Hyde type character.

A Yod to Saturn has heavy parental responsibility, the big daddy.

Having Ceres at the reaction point, mean the Ceres themes of separation, mourning and abduction are going to be driving this yod forward.

All the tension building up and focused on the Saturn which is also in the 10th house so therefore the parental axis.

 He has Pluto conjunct his IC which means he could’ve inherited family traits to do with the abuse of power.

His own home life looks to be disruptive emotionally with a massive 4th house also containing Ceres, Moon and Uranus.

Even his Nodes run along this axis.

My feeling is that he may have been rather too heavy handed with Madeleine.

Like his wife he also has strong Liliths and Pluto.

Jupiter square Lilith and Sun square Pluto I wrote “The subjects personal life may remain a mystery, as they are experts at armour plating their true emotions.

They don’ t let much slip and are can be extreme control freaks.

The word anal was invented for these guys, for they rule over their domain with an iron will and a steel fist…. They can be intimidating and in extreme cases tyrannical. Sometimes the father can be experienced in this way.”

Gerry’s Moon conjunct Uranus will make him unpredictable emotionally, that electric Moon trines Lilith which will make him rather magnetic, sexually alluring and charming.

His Sun/Mars/Venus stellium is also gives yet more sexual magnetism.

Venus on Alderbaran is powerful because it is one of the royal stars and lucky “Honor through literature, music or art, creative abilities, favorable for health and marriage.” [1] But Bernedette Brady warns having these Royal stars come with price.

 If you use abuse their powerthen you experience a great fall.

He has two in his chart, the other being Regulus, the very one square child stealing Lilith. Jupiter on Regulus, Kate also has this “Fame, high preferment, especially of a military nature, success in the Church.” [2]

Sun conjunct Mars Jamie wrote “ They will always look after number one, yet they are great in an emergency, fast reactors and focused soldiers.

Highly sexed, they enjoy the conquest…. Mars is pretty raw and untamed, so they tend to be brash and bold, but can be vulgar.”

His Mars is also conjunct two very passionate stars the female warrior Bellatrix “Strategic talents, ability to organize, discrimination.

Reckless aggressiveness of a belligerent daredevil.” [3] , but closer to Hoedus II, which is associated with depravity.

But the most interesting aspect Gerry has in terms of this case is his Mars square Pluto.

This aspect turns up again and again in cases of sexual abuse and violence, remember he already has Sun square Pluto.

The state of his Mars is already hot, so I’d say this guy had a short fuse and could be violent.

Everything in the chart says the same thing.

Volatile emotions, highly sexed, aggressive, but such skill as a soldier.

He’d have the bare faced cheek and courage to brazen things out.

His Pluto is powerfully angular and on Denebola, the lions tail.

Robson didn’t know about Pluto, but I don’t think it would be too different from his Mars interp “Bitter, vindictive, cruel, unpopular, loss of position and public disgrace.” [4]

Skill with Mars is precisely what is needed to be a heart surgeon.

So if he was channelling the above energies in his job we could say that they would manifest in the most positive way.

Bravery in saving lives. 

The Mars/Aries archetype is predominantly about exceptional courage.

 Interesting that Mars rules surgery and Denebola in the Lion. Leo rules the heart. Ofcourse he also has Sun conjunct Mars too.

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